Arclinea, the Italian design company is producing high-end kitchens since 1925. The kitchen is the hub of the home, the place to which the family geography gravitates. A story made of affections and the daily pleasure of sharing gestures and flavors. 


“Kitchen design is based on questions affected by simple, concrete factors that are however extraordinarily important because they are amplified by continual repetition, day after day.” - Antonio Citterio


Environment is a complex and compelling physical territory, where known materials, other high-performance, dialogue with continously envolving technological dimensions. For arclinea, connecting humans to their surroundings has always been a challenge it thrives upon, meeting funtional requirements through technical research, developing new forms in respect of the spaces chosen to welcome them: producing instruments with which to design architecture to be lived in and shared. Everything that is new connects to what was there before. The innovation of the spaces and places for cooking rests on the fertile ground of an entirely italian tradition,able to embrace local and global trends, which our industrial design translates into a language that forms, in the project, unique environment every single time.