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We could have stated this presentation by stating our 25 years of experience in architecture and design among our best contact list of leading international brands we represent, Including furniture and art objects, manufacturers. reluctantly we have to do it. this catalog represents our past workings. why relunctantly? because our philosophy has been expressed by famous American designer Vito Acconchi : "Architecture is not about space but about time and another one by Norman foster an architect designs for the presents with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown."



Therefore we are future oriented company and we try to travel in the future together with our customers to run away from the chaos dominating George and architecture and design Celtic space his age very fast and loose future perspective we are trying to create oases of the harmony with an existing chaos and we hope that we could be set an example and eventually organize part of the chaos.



For many years, we are exclusive and official dealer of such well-known brands as: Giorgetti, Arclinea, De Castelli, Laurameroni, Porro, Porada, Magis, Lema, Moroso, Garofolli, Lualdi, Bonaldo, Ronda Design, Horm, Venini, Cini&Nils, CTO, De Mayo, Brem, Eclettis, Decor Walther, Golran, Limited edition, Nerosicilia, mottura and more. 







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